The weather has changed and we are in a new stage of the year. Autumn brings us crazy because we don't know how to put ourselves on top. Undecided Cold and Heat are super. That's why I wanted to show you this week a proposal for ideals for this stage of #Nowlovers Style Transition. Although I took these photos before I dyed my hair purple again, I wanted to post them because it's always better to be later than never.

As you know, the black dress is inevitable. I took charge at the UN last year in a more elegant version and now I bring you this more grunge and casual proposal. The grunge style is great in cold times because we can LOOK A TOUCH disheveled and cover ourselves with Layers and Layers of Shirts to keep us warm,: In addition to showing off the perfect and super Marked eyeliner. I love going to class with wide bdvs and skirts since I feel more comfortable, when I have very hectic, terrible and loaded days. Actually AND THAT is the idea: That we are always comfortable no matter what . That's why this look is the goalz inspiration and it works for both classes for, a date or outing. This time I combined a midi cotton dress that I think is a must for this time of the year and this kawaii cartoon bag that I love! I was looking for this type of bags in Lima for a long time and I couldn't find it alone Because they did sell online Until I saw it is Now! And I died of emotion. A look This I gave my touch of air color to this bravaza portfolio What: Also, even if it doesn't seem like it, it's super wide.

Something that I love and I will focus a bit on is the accessories because the magic is in the details. I'm wearing some totally fabulous earrings and my favorite is the Barbie necklace. Also, let me tell you that Now is about to open its new store in Jockey Plaza. Larcomar's opening event was a success and I'm sure the Jockey event will be much better! This brand continues to grow every time I support my blog from the beginning. I also tell you that I am full with the courses, at the same time that I build my thesis, taking all the time. That's why I'm a little missing around here. And I also wanted to ask you what other topics you would like to see on my Blog or on the YouTube channel. Leave your comments, I will be happy to know your opinions

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