After this COVID 19 pandemic, we know that several things are going to change and it will undoubtedly have an impact on many aspects of our lives.

We tell you 5 positive changes that the Coronavirus is bringing and we should keep.

1. Caring for Nature

The good news is the world is breathing

the planet is the main beneficiary of the coronavirus, for example in China CO2 emissions were reduced by 25%.

Animals are taking over the streets Wild boars, foxes, birds, dolphins and many animals that normally stay away from the city and people can now enjoy their lives undisturbed.

A great example that we are harming the planet and we must do something about it!

2. Share with the Family

It is a great opportunity to share with the family during the quarantine, let's take advantage of this time at home and once the quarantine is over, let's have a special day for the family . It is the most important thing we have!

3. The benefit of slowing down and thinking

The time has come that we are looking for so much, to be able to make a STOP and reflect on ourselves . It is a propitious moment to create ties, value our affections and those we can give. There are many ways to do it and also many ways to connect. A practice that we should always do!

4. Telecommuting

For those who are doing teleworking, it is a challenge and a change that if we know how to carry it out in the best way, it is a great option to implement in the future, the tools exist and in most cases they are free

It is a reality that the world has changed!

5. Solidarity

This pandemic has left us with a great lesson, the human being brings out the best of himself in the situation in which we are living. The global threat of the coronavirus has tested the capacity for solidarity and empathy of all of us.

We stay at home Do you stay at home?

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