If there are two things that we like very much, they are books and the environment, that is why we bring you 5 books that talk about our planet and the living beings that inhabit it.

We have to learn to value and respect nature!

1. Silent spring

The first author who wrote about environmental impact and is considered the forerunner of current environmentalism.

Rachel Carson , a marine biologist, brings together in this book a series of articles she published in The New Yorker, where she warned of the detrimental effect of pesticides.


Dune is an award-winning novel written by Frank Herbert

tells the story of the planet Arrakis, a desert that is the only source of melage,

the theme of environmentalism is fundamental in it since it talks about the use of water and how to change the planet with something similar to geoengineering.

3. Earth's Revenge

This book by James Lovelock raises the problem of climate change and proposes realistic solutions. He maintains that climate change is inevitable at this point but that we still have time to save ourselves.

4. The sixth extinction

Kolbert explores how human activity, fossil fuel consumption, ocean acidification, pollution, deforestation, and forced migration threaten life forms of all kinds . A highly recommended book!

5. Planet of the Stupid

The reflections of an environmental activist, the former director of Greenpeace Spain analyzes many issues to make life more ecological.

Tell us what book will you read?

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