The holidays have begun!❤️️ Taking advantage of the long holiday, we show you 5 unique and special places to visit these national holidays.

1. Huancaya

It is located in the province of Yauyos, 5 hours from Lima, it is the perfect place to go with friends and camp. If you are looking for a place near Lima, Huancaya is the perfect destination!

2. Huaraz

8 hours away in the mountains of Lima you will find this beautiful place with so many options to discover that the days will be short. We recommend you visit: Chavín de Huántar, Carhuaz, Pastoruri and Yungay.

3. Puerto Maldonado

My favorite recommendation! If what you are looking for is a little heat, this is the perfect place , THE JUNGLE!

4. Puno

A special place. We recommend you go to the Island of the Uros, a set of artificial habitable surfaces built of reeds , an aquatic plant that grows on the surface of Lake Titicaca . I love it!

5. The Huayllay Stone Forest

Located on Cerro de Pasco, the Huayllay Stone Forest is a gigantic set of rock formations about 120 million years old. If you are looking for a bit of adventure, this is the perfect place for you!

Tell us which place you liked the most!

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