We have just started 2017 but fashion designers already know what will prevail until the end of the year.

Now decided to make it easier for you and, within the multitude of fashion trends, it chose the most innovative and cool ones that will help you renew your wardrobe correctly for this season.

Summer prints:

Bold floral prints remain relevant in more than one season, and this does not surprise anyone. Garments of such colors are appropriate to wear, not only in summer, but also when autumn dawns behind the window or cold winter arrives. The bomber or a skirt with beautiful flowers simply cheer you up, they will also remind you of summer.

sporty-chic :

The sporty chic has long been loved by fashionistas around the world for its versatility and comfort. The main thing is not to forget about the basic rules when selecting this style of clothing: do not combine more than 3 different colors, avoid flashy logos, do not overload the image with several layers and leftover details.

Crop top:

It seems we can safely say that the crop top craze of the early 21st century is making a comeback. Crop tops and bra tops today are appropriate to combine with almost any item of clothing: pants, skirts, shorts, etc.

Stripes :

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in the fashion world in 2017 is stripes. Pants, dresses, bags, tops... designers use stripes almost everywhere. To balance the image, combine the striped things with the more classic and subdued pieces of the wardrobe.

Colour khaki :

For years, military-style garments have not faded from the covers of fashion magazines. This season, the khaki color is present, both in more feminine models, and in dynamic ones that resemble military uniforms.

Pink Tones:

Designers from all over the world unanimously recognized all shades of pink as the favorites of 2017. Candy pink, strawberry, dark cherry, fuchsia... selecting any of these colors will make you fashionable.

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