We are already in September and that can only mean one thing: Sun! The days are filled with colours, people go out to eat and I am happy because I can wear clothes that I couldn't wear last season. I know that we are not officially in spring yet, but we can start putting together our wardrobe for the transition to the new season and there are some garments that cannot be missing.

The trend of wearing fishnets, the cuts in the polo shirts and especially the sport chic, will not go out of style in the following months and for that reason, I decided to put them together and put together an outfit. I loved the result.

I think the #Iron Maiden t-shirt, one of my favorite bands, has a super cool cut and gives it that rockstar vibe that I love. It is also white, which makes it more combinable. do you know what's the best? Which is 50% off, as are many more items in the store! So it's a good time to run and buy everything you find.
Continuing with the post, I decided to combine it with a ripped denim house with pins.
I didn't know that I could find pins in the store too, and not just any pin, but pins from my favorite bands! At the touch I placed them. And now, the transition garment:
The leather shorts. I swear that I love that it is at the waist and that it has elastic and instead of a zipper and button. This makes it much more comfortable and is something that is paramount to me. I can't feel calm if I'm not.

Finally, I decided to combine everything with fishnet tights, an amazing cat print tote bag and my old school vans. To give it the final touch, I decided to style my hair differently and get two space buns and loose waves. Super easy to achieve and so much fun. There you have it, a transitional outfit, for this climate where the sun comes out on days and you don't want to wear pants anymore, but in the afternoons it's still cold.

See you in the next post with all the new trends and fashion tips ever. Nope
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because this month a super contest and many more activities are coming!



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