Printed polo shirts never go out of style. That is why, in this post we will show you the best way to combine them. Are you ready?

1. Small print

A flower, a drawing or a small phrase accompany your favorite t shirt. Depending on the color of the polo shirt, we advise you to wear an accessory that has a complementary color to it. In this case, as part of the styling, we use a yellow beanie, because it goes perfectly with the blue color of the shirt.

2. The shirt of your favorite band

We are music fans and that is why among our outfits, an outfit from one of our favorite bands could not be missing. We combine this t-shirt with blue pants from the latest collection and a red parka that is super on trend this season. A basic combination, which does not go out of style and has no loses.

3. Flip the basic polo

What do you do when you have a printed polo shirt in a neutral color and you don't want it to look basic? Combining prints is the solution. In this case, we combine this polo shirt with a plaid skirt and an emerald green parka. The print on the skirt gave it that touch that was missing to complete the outfit and the parka gave it the color and that's it!

4. Polo shirt + jeans

This combination is the most classic of all, but you have to find a way to give it a little more style so that it doesn't look flat or boring. In this case, we tied the polo shirt in a knot, we did a fun hairstyle, we added large hoops and neutral-colored sneakers to close the outfit. That way it doesn't look so basic anymore!

Now you are ready to combine your printed polo shirts!


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