I started doing covers and 2 years ago I released my first album called “Viene y Va” together with my producer Bens. My stage name is a play on words, Clara Yemas would be in Spanish.
When I step on stage I connect with myself and even more so when I listen to my songs sing along with the audience that has accompanied me since the beginning of this project.
My goal is to bring people together and communicate through every note and song I share and that's why I like to develop concepts within songs.
One of them is the "Natural Balance", which was present in my song Comes and Goes. With this concept I like to invite people to reflect on what gives them peace and harmony in their daily lives.
All songs have a different purpose and that's why I vary from genre to genre. Just as we all sometimes prefer to listen, rock, folk, Latin, etc. I think that this mix has the intention of reaching each of the musical tastes of the people and thus, to be able to get a message across.


  • Rapha said:

    Empecé a escucharla hace poco menos de un año y de inmediato me enganché, no solo con su música sino con todo el significado que ella tiene para mí. Me hace sentir seguro de que puedo iniciar un cambio en mí y que puedo proyectar ese cambio al Perú. Siento propia su evolución y su propuesta para hacer historia en la escena musical del país. Me encanta identificarme con alguien con tanto propósito y con tanto amor al arte en tantas de sus formas. Me encanta esa energía vital que transmite con esa voz tan tersa. Ella hace que además de estudiar y reír, la música sea una necesidad en mi vida.

    January 04, 2019

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