We often ask ourselves why the weekend lasts so little and the days of class are so long? The answer is simpler than we think. And it is that in reality everything depends on the attitude that we put to our daily activities. We cannot hide, many times, that genius of a grumpy adolescent monster who spends the entire weekend on the sofa watching free moments go by at a thousand miles an hour. With this we do not want to offend the girls who prefer quieter weekends, in reality, sometimes they are very necessary. However, a little lack of control doesn't hurt at all... Life is what happens outside your room; the one that surprises you because you never know what will happen or the new places you will visit. When we leave our comfort zone we can experience more sensations, meet people with thousands of stories, bring out your funniest side and why not, gain experiences that you can tell your grandchildren (perhaps many of your anecdotes need some censorship, but you know what we talked about xd).

Whatever the case may be, we bring you this playlist so that you can take the good vibes and necessary dose of lack of control wherever you go.

We wish you a great weekend and may the madness be with you dear Nowlovers. To enjoy !!!


  • Selene said:

    Me gusta mucho su playlist <3 en especial por Muse…
    Me gustaría que agregen de Arctic Monkeys… Son los mejoreees <3<3<3 -

    October 25, 2016

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