Hello beautiful! Do you know why I really like today's look? I know it's simple, but if you realize it, it's armed with clothes that will never go out of style, with those pieces that, despite being basic, mark my style, making me continue to feel like myself and that I know I'm going to be able to wear. year after year until it disintegrates!

Just the other day I came across a video about how the linear economy was leading our land to the hole, and I think that one way to help prevent that from happening is to also be aware that if we are going to buy clothes, these are not must have a near end. So if you can be sure that for reasons of quality or non-transient fashion, this one will last for years, then great! If you can, check out that video, it's seriously very interesting, and below I'll leave you the info of my look and where I was in these photos!

Here I was in the ARANWA of the Cusco Valley, right next to the pool where parrots and peacocks screech. I love it because they were free, in fact, in that place they leave food for them, but you still saw them walking around the hotel, which is huge…and well…seeing non-caged birds makes me happy.

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