They are the perfect complement to our outfit throughout the day. But have we started thinking what is the perfect type of glasses for my face?

Don't worry here we leave you some tips so you can identify your type of face and know which of all the glasses is PERFECT for you!!!!


Trust me you are very lucky!!!! YOU CAN USE ANY KIND OF LENSES YOU WANT!!!!! I know, I know it makes me a little envious.

Take advantage of this benefit and try different styles, you can vary, you are free!

But do not go crazy, in any case keep in mind the proportion and choose glasses that are neither too big nor too small for your face.


This type of face is wider in the area of the cheeks and narrower in the forehead and jaw. If you have a round face, keep the balance on your face, opt for glasses that have SUPER large frames, rectangular and/or with a strong angular shape. This kind of glasses will create an effect of symmetry and make you look slimmer. You have the power of magic!!!


You can tell because of the strong jawline, wide forehead and wide cheekbones. The perfect glasses for you are…those with smooth lines that are rimless, this will help soften these features. Round and aviator types will be your best friends for forever.


You can tell if your face is of this type if the narrowest part of your face is the jaw, so opt for glasses that are wider at the top than at the bottom and have a thin frame. I recommend the cate ye, not only will you achieve the symmetry that we want so much, you will also be super cool!!!!

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