Just now we were chatting for a while with a friend we met in the house where we are staying, which actually looks like a hostel since it has many rooms and people rotate every day I think; about our purposes with our blogs, what motivated us to create them or why we did it, and about the message we want to convey with them. I don't know if I ever told you, but I have mixed feelings about fashion since I practice Buddhism and these ideas constantly collide in my head by giving so much time to something semi-superficial like fashion. That is why most of the time I try to see the most artistic side of it, see what benefits it brings to society, among other things. Like something that I have always wanted to show with what I do, is that if you work very hard and with lots of love, the universe will collude so that everything goes up and all your good ideas come true. In any case, I'm still discovering what's going on with my life, with the blog… This is more than anything an adventure, an adventure in which you always accompany me!

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