Compost is a method of recycling organic waste that transforms garbage into a highly nutritious compost that is used in agriculture and gardening.

1. Cut your waste

Once you have generated your waste such as: vegetable waste, fruits, egg shells, old coffee, infusions, etc.

TIP : The smaller the size of the inputs, the faster the decomposition will take place.

2. Put your waste in a container

You can use a pot you have at home.

3. Mix the content

You must maintain the balance in the humidity of the mixture, so it will be necessary to add dry materials such as paper , this helps to control the humidity more.

4. Control humidity

Grab your mixture in a fist and squeeze. The ideal is that the mixture is moist , it cannot drip or be wet. If it leaks water, you will need to add more dry supplies.

5. Cover the container

With a whole piece of newspaper and seal the entire container with cloth or cardboard. Over time, you can add more waste and repeat the process . In approximately 7 weeks you will have your compost.

In this quarantine let's compost at home!

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