Warranty - Fujifilm

FUJIFILM CORPORATION, through its exclusive representative in Peru, PROCOLOR SA guarantees this product as 100% new, as well as the quality of its products in accordance with current legal regulations (Consumer Protection and Defense Law) and the exclusion clauses, terms, conditions and manufacturer's criteria, with the following limitations:

The 12-MONTH warranty for the Instax camera and others is solely and exclusively for component failure under normal conditions of use or reliably proven manufacturing defects. This guarantee IS VALID ONLY WITH THE PRESENTATION OF THE INVOICE OR SALES TICKET PROCOLOR SA covers at no cost in its offices, the replacement of any piece or part of the camera after inspection by the Technical Area. If repair is not possible, reserves the right to change the product, if necessary, for one of the same equivalent model.


  • When the details of the payment receipt have been altered or do not match those of the product.
  • Damage caused by liquids of any kind, leaky batteries, fire, electricity, sand, earth, falls, bumps, scratches, scratches, bites, scrapes, breaks, cracks, negligent handling, discoloration or wear of parts and parts , theft, violent actions, mistreatment, exposure to high or low temperatures, humidity, foreign elements, etc.
  • Damages that occur as a result of having continued to use the device after an abnormality has occurred in it, without first establishing normality in its operation through the pertinent, correct and definitive review and/or repair.
  • Damage or malfunction due to ignorance or carelessness caused during the incorrect operation of the camera by not following the instructions that appear in the user manual regarding its use, care and operations for which it was not designed.
  • Any type of adjustment, repair or modification by people other than the Technical Service of PROCOLOR SA
  • It does not cover film packs because they are accessories for constant use and/or consumables.
  • In these cases, the costs of repairs, transportation and others will be fully assumed by the client and billed in full by PROCOLOR SA