International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8. It is a day to analyze, as a woman, our progress in the world, our professional and individual growth. After that day, what do we have left? It should leave us with the spirit of celebration and the joy of being a woman.

It is not good that we see this date as an isolated event, which decorates the newspapers and provokes one or another demonstration. Being proud of being a woman is an attitude that should be carried every day. In this article we want to give you a few ideas that you can carry out any day of the year to celebrate yourself for the simple and wonderful reason that you are a woman.

1. A dinner between friends. Gather your dearest friends and have fun all night. You can meet at one of your homes and prepare a delicious meal or go to a bar or restaurant. Tell gossip, stories and jokes, laugh a lot.

2. A gift. Prepare a small present, it can be some chocolates, a cup of coffee or any detail, so that you can give it to the most important women in your life. It can be your college roommate, mom, or your best friend. In each gift add a card telling her why she is important to you.

3. Let's play! At the meeting with your friends, make a circle around a table and place a bottle in the center. Spin the bottle and whoever points with the beak will have to take a drink, otherwise they will be a prisoner of one of their punishments.

4. The picnic. Organize a picnic with all the women in your family.; your mom, your sisters, cousins and grandmother. Enjoy nature and coexistence, it will be beautiful to see all generations together. Don't forget to take lots of selfies.

5. The achievements. Go alone to that restaurant you've never been to and that you're dying to meet. Take a notebook and order your favorite drink. When you are comfortably installed, start to remember all the achievements you have had, from your childhood to the present. What has made you proud? From the basketball final you won at age 10 to your last promotion. At the end read the list, it's huge, right?

6.Spa. The spa can never be missed, but what can we do, if there is no better way to celebrate being a woman than pampering your body and mind with a pleasant and relaxing experience. Schedule an appointment and choose the package that suits you best. Enjoy!

7. Books. Take a visit to the bookstore and buy books that have been decisive in women's liberation. There you have the classic Simone de Beuvoir with the “Second Sex”, or Virginia Wolf. Now, if you want something more modern and Latin American, you can't miss Isabel Allende, Ángeles Mastretta and Cristina Rivera Garza.


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