Deciding how to dress every day is a dilemma that often ends in a classic "I have nothing to wear." But that's what accessories are for. If you are not in a position to spend a fortune on new clothes or you simply prefer not to complicate yourself too much, the solution is to choose the right accessories. And if you still don't have some that you love, here I show you how to get them at an incredible price and the best: without leaving your home!

As an image consultant, I recommend you always use at least 3, taking into account that the shoes and the bag are accessories too. If you are not one to wear many, wear at least earrings and a few bracelets to add a special touch to your clothing.

For this season, what is fashionable are:

  • The layered necklaces

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  • The minimalist rings

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And if there is something that we can never miss, they are:

  • basic earrings

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  • I bought all these accessories through the virtual store , the easiest, fastest, safest and most comfortable way to purchase products. In addition, Now is with the promotion of 2 x 1 in all jewelry only on Monday and Tuesday of this month. There is no better time to buy than now! I selected them, put the promotion code and made the corresponding payment and after 5 hours, they were delivered to me. Super easy!

I hope you liked this post, see you in the next one (:



  • nancy said:

    están hermosos me encanta por soy fan de su ropa me encanta porque siempre tienes novedades los amo nowlovers

    March 13, 2017

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