Many of us doubt the accessories that we could consider essential to achieve a great look. But the reality is much simpler than we think and it is very likely that you will find some of these elements in your closet.

The idea is not to drive yourself crazy trying to wear all the accessories at the same time, but to use them appropriately depending on the weather, occasion and style.

This week we will present you the elements that will make your outfits something special.

1. Hair bands:

Headbands are very useful, especially if you are a student and have to be ready very early in the morning or just want to get out of trouble without looking messy. They are also very versatile and add that feminine touch to any outfit. You can find ribbons of all colors, thicknesses, printed, woven, with glitter and accessories.

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2. Knitted Beanies:

If it's winter, a hat is an essential accessory in your wardrobe. A nice knitted hat is functional and at the same time pretty, these can give you a very chic look when the wind blows through your hair and you can find different colors and styles. In addition, it totally solves your life if that morning your hair woke up chaotic. With a knit hat no one will notice that you need to touch up a dye or that you didn't have time to iron yourself.

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3.Necklaces, earrings and bracelets:

The bracelets are accessories that highlight the wardrobe and have an enigmatic power. There are various forms, thin, woven and colored bracelets are currently very fashionable. They are items that come in many usage scenarios and are essential when your outfit does not have many details.

Necklaces are ideal for any occasion depending on the style we wear. These accessories make your neck look great, and if you use the right colors, they draw attention to your face.

As for the earrings, these should be short if the neck is short and if the neck is long, the earrings should be as well. If you have long hair, it is recommended that the accessories be more predominant to highlight and be noticed.

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4. Sunglasses:

The main function of sunglasses is to protect us from damage caused by radiation. If we see them from an aesthetic side, they represent one of the most important accessories for a girl, since they give the final point to a summer outfit. It is important to know the proportions of your face to find the ideal glasses that highlight your facial dimensions.

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