Without a doubt, the time of the year has arrived where we can bring out our funniest and most sinister side, where you dress up as your favorite character, and act like him, it doesn't sound so crazy. A day where you find more than one plan to get out of the routine. The date on which you can afford to see all those horror movies that have been lining up for months to be shown. Yes, we are talking about the Halloween party!

We are probably no longer interested in knocking on store doors asking for candy. However, there is something that will never change, and that is the desire to experience new and fun sensations. And who else than your best friend to accompany you on the adventure.

This year we want to offer you different costume options that you can use at a party, to go for a walk on the streets making fun of yourself, or wherever you please. The thing is to have fun!

Harley Quinn and The Joker:

Kiss fans!



If with all these examples you have not been able to decide, then we leave you a tutorial so as not to go unnoticed at these parties thanks to the best tips from our Nowlover Fashion in da Hat!

Now wishes you a fun and sinister Halloween!!!


  • Rosario mena said:

    Esta locaso es un dia donde puedes sacar tu lado mas tierno y a la vez mas cruel

    October 29, 2016

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