There is a strange fascination with the four-legged furry that lives in our homes with that petulant attitude when walking, which is very easy to destroy a room and look at you as if you should be the one to fix that mess. The being we feed better than ourselves, who can ask you to pamper him and the next second treat you like his worst enemy. A beautiful character who would rather groom himself than save your life from a horrendous end. Yes, we are talking about the beloved Cat.

If we had to give a Cat a personality, we would give him that of a Rock Star... A petulant artist who can move millions of hearts with just a wink! Yes, that's how cats are, adorable, tender, selfish, spoiled but who we can't stop worshiping. They represent that bad boyfriend, who completely ignores us, but for this very reason makes us love him more (although it sounds stupid, it is). However, there are many things that it can teach us and from which we can take advantage...

Lingvistov is a Russian artist and comic book artist who fervently loves cats. For this reason, he has spent some time uploading humorous vignettes, postcards, calendars, greeting cards and everything you can think of with the nice cats as protagonists to his website.

Nowlovers, we leave you with this series of vignettes that have been published under the title of "21 benefits of having a cat", where it explores, in a fun and humorous way, those little quirks that cats have and, inevitably, also their humans.

Now that you know the great benefits of having a Cat with the spirit of a Rock star in your house, we show you how you can take them everywhere with you. Check out our Catlovers collection and end up falling in love with them.

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