If there is a trend that is super strong lately, it is that of velvet. It gives your outfit a cool and different air. It is also a very versatile garment and perfect for winter. That is why today I decided to show you two outfit ideas and give you some tips to show you how you can wear this trend. Ready? Let's get started!


  1. Do not wear velvet in hot season. It is a heavy fabric and it could be inappropriate to wear it in the spring-summer season. You would die of heat!
  2. Try not to combine velvet with materials that are too heavy. Opt for light fabrics and a single color. As for the accessories, discreet to give prominence to the velvet.
  3. If you are one of those who hesitate to take big fashion risks, you do not have to leave velvet aside. Wear it in small details like a jacket, a blouse or a bag made of this material.
  4. If you buy a garment in this textile, try to the extent of your possibilities, that it be of high quality. Otherwise, this can detract from your image.

For the first outfit I decided to combine this velvet top with this black ripped jean cut at the waist. It's perfect for a casual outing with friends, a concert, or a night out. Depends on what accessories you use. Remember not to mix velvet with velvet, your outfit could look saturated. If you do, try to make it the same tone.

The second outfit I combined several trends that I love: The velvet bomber jacket with the coolest print on the back, the Iron Maiden polo shirt with this cut that is super trendy now, a basic gray jogger and a wool hat with patches. What is the key so that it does not look so saturated? Use a single color, at most two. In this case it is cobalt blue and gray.

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See you in the next post,


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