A zodiac gift? Now that Mother's Day is approaching, take advantage of mom's most positive astrological and personality qualities with the characteristics of her sign and you will find the perfect gift!
A little imagination and creativity on your part will do the rest, but always remember, it is not so much the economic or material value that a present may have, but rather the intention that motivates you to give it.

Aires' mother is adventurous and energetic, reckless and courageous, daring, enthusiastic and dynamic, with a lot of spark and the ability to direct and command others.

What to give him?
Give her an electronic agenda-type organizer that will help her keep her schedule and always be in control of the situation, an elegant garment that does not go unnoticed wherever she goes and, of course, bet on discreet necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that You can combine it with your best clothes.

A patient and reliable mom, with a tender and loving heart, persistent and determined in her affairs, placid and loving security.

What to give him?
A pair of comfortable sandals, a good bathrobe or scented foams for a good warm bath in a bathtub, a box of those that come with different sweets, cheeses, sausage or soy meats, an alarm clock that announces the new day with music, without much fuss, but that wakes her up in a good mood.
A device to give yourself massages and thus be able to relax from daily fatigue.

The Gemini woman is an alert, versatile and curious mother, with an agile mind, adaptable, witty, loquacious, eloquent, youthful and fresh.

What to give him?
For this lover of communication, a good portable or mobile phone with prepaid cards, a tablet or mini personal computer is an appropriate gift, so she can have a great time talking with her friends, which are many!
You can also subscribe her to an interesting magazine, like the ones she usually buys in supermarkets, and she will receive it directly at home. A special home decoration that will catch the eye and serve as a conversation piece and if you have the resources, a personal computer!

The cancer mother is the quintessential mom! Domestic, highly intuitive and imaginative, with many perceptions, clairvoyant dreams, protector of the family, understanding, cautious in business and words, and a lover of good food.

What to give him?
A few new pots, modern kitchen equipment like the ones advertised on TV, anything you can use around the house to ease your chores will be a much appreciated gift, as will self-improvement books.
If you have a fish tank, some elements that you can use in your aquarium, some small zen or feng shui type water fountain to have at home or work, music tapes or videos and nostalgic movies from the times of your early youth.

Leo's mom stands out for being generous and with a noble heart, magnanimous, creative, enthusiastic, with a very broad, expansive, faithful and loving mentality, but sometimes a little vain.

What to give him?
A chain with your favorite stone, or an elegant piece of clothing, but with colors that attract attention, a stylish bag or purse or leather briefcase, a fresh cologne that you can wear when you finish bathing, and your favorite perfume.
As well as a good invitation to a dinner, in an elegant place after having attended a good concert or a play together. Make her feel like a queen, a princess, make her shine in a public place where she can be proud of the family she has!

Modest and very meticulous, tireless worker, organized and practical, diligent, very reliable, analytical, intelligent, but very demanding and careful.

What to give him?
Everything related to your personal hygiene will appreciate it very much. A case containing quality colognes and perfumes. Deodorants, powders, depilatory creams, tools for cleaning in general, manicures, nail care, especially something that you can use quickly without many complications and always keep it scrupulously clean and fresh.
An electronic organizer will also be very appreciated and everything that allows you to put things in order at home or work.

This is the sign of the conciliatory and diplomatic mom, circumspect, elegant, educated, romantic and charming, easy to get along with, sociable, idealistic, fair, lover of beauty and harmony.

What to give him?
For this elegant mom you have to look for a very well integrated harmonious combination, an exquisite decoration for the house, an impeccably presented detail of good taste, a vase of flowers, preferably roses.
If Mom works in an office, look for a paperweight, pen set, or book holder that she can proudly display. And don't forget the chocolates, even if you're counting calories a day is a day!

The Scorpio mom is usually determined and strong, with a great will to do things, highly intuitive, passionate, exciting, with a magnetic personality and great charisma and they can not be fooled because she discovers everything!

What to give him?
Give him a videotape with a movie that excites the imagination and intelligence and tests his deductive ability or an exciting, mysterious book.
A small, portable television to take to your room or some personal item that is useful to you, but that is not the same as what others have, in that sense you must be very original and creative because that quality is what your scorpion personality appreciates the most . Something small, hidden in a mystery box.

Your Sagittarius mom is optimistic, freedom-loving, spontaneous, jovial, in a great mood, athletic, honest, sincere and direct about things, philosophical and intellectual.

What to give him?
Brighten her day by getting her tickets to a sporting event or a spectacular function, or go to the sports store and look for casual clothes that will make her feel comfortable at home and encourage her to go to the gym with more energy and enthusiasm.
Join her in an outdoor activity where together you can spend a whole day and spontaneously enjoy nature, a kind of barbecue in a natural place.

The Capricorn mom is practical and very maternal, trustworthy, disciplined, with many aspirations, little patient, careful, very perceptive and in a good mood.

What to give him?
Surprise her with instruments and accessories that help her in her daily activity, such as functional electronic equipment for home and office, as well as a blouse or dress in sober, discreet colors, which can be used both for work and for a formal date. .
And if you can give him a good bottle of champagne to celebrate tonight, much better!

You already know how your Aquarian mom is: unpredictable and spontaneous, original, creative and humanitarian, projected into the future and full of innovative and spectacular ideas.

What to give him?
It is not very difficult today to buy a computer because there are many facilities to do so, but if your resources do not allow it, look for something that is attractive in design, some three-dimensional object or a hologram that you can have in your work or room.
Tickets to a mini-vacation at a tourist spot would be ideal, especially if it's a surprise.

Pisces gives your mom a lot of imagination and sensitivity, compassion and kindness, intuition and a great capacity for personal sacrifice, idealism, detachment and family love.

What to give him?
The ideal gift must recognize these qualities and at the same time have a sentimental content. A nice, understated frame that you can put photos in and take to work to put on your desk and display proudly, a watch you wear all the time and remind you of family.
And of course, some invitation to spend the day together in a place near the sea, on the beach or the aquarium, and if you like fishing, some gear for that sport.

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