What do we do when the outfit we have put on looks boring or flat? Using accessories is the best answer.

In the world of fashion, there are thousands of accessories with which you can highlight your outfit. From jewelry, sunglasses, different types of hats, bags, watches, hair accessories, tights, belts and much more. In this case, I chose two of my favorites: beanies and sunglasses.


As you may have already noticed, I love neutral colors. They are easy to combine and will never go out of style. For this outfit, I decided to wear a white top with a cool print and leatherette shorts. I also added a denim jacket – because it's basic – and two accessories. A beanie with a fun Martian print and blue mirrored lenses. That said, I used the accessories separately because together, the outfit looked very saturated. Remember that we must always seek balance. I used one for the day and the other for when it starts to get dark and a little wind starts to blow.


I've already told you, that I love rock. Well, walking through the Now store, I found this Led Zeppelin polo shirt that I loved. Seriously, how many times do you find a graphic t-shirt of your favorite band in a store? I had to have it. I combined it with jeans and a bomber jacket, to give it that baggy and relaxed look that I was looking for this time. As an accessory, I decided to use this gray beanie and that's it. Armed outfit.

#Tip: Use the accessory that goes best with your style of dress and that suits you best according to your type of face, hair and skin.

I love this beanie, because it's a neutral color and so I can combine it with several other clothes in my closet. For me, it is a basic accessory for this winter. So I'm sure you'll see it in many of my new outfits.


  • Yuliana Lazo said:

    Me encanta… Combinar la ropa y mas aun con accesorios siempre ah sido el toque que le da la perfección a la ropa y comodidad de una misma ❤ ademas de combinar con accesorios tmb están en combinar labiales con esmaltes de uñas ?

    May 05, 2017

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