Having a positive mind is the best lucky charm you can have. Thinking about situations where you are victorious or the things that you would like to obtain is the greatest source of happiness that you could find in this world and we are not exaggerating. And it is that one attracts what one thinks !!!! If we get wrapped up in the problem, we will only attract more problems; if we get drunk on positive thoughts, we will only attract positive things, it's basic mathematics Nowlover...

It is part of our nature to stay in our comfort zone longer than we should because we believe that it takes us away from danger, but we do not think about the hundreds of experiences that we are depriving ourselves for not daring.

Don't be afraid to fail because that's what life is all about, learning!

Many girls have desires that they have kept under seven keys but that deep down is what they most want to fulfill. They may be in search of full happiness, emotional stability, peace, development of the human sense, money, being more energetic and why not, love.

For this reason we want to show you the meaning that each color can have in quartz. These gems have always been a mysterious gift from nature. Its formation, veining and colors are truly unique.

The Egyptians were passionate about stones, they carved them by hand and turned them into beautiful jewels, which were then worn by both men and women. They were aware of the beneficial properties of stones , the influence of their energy on our mood and the powers they give us. They were valued both for their natural beauty and for the protection offered to them, using them as an amulet.

If we combine our mind, which is really powerful, and also add a force from nature, we will create a perfect combination.


They serve to activate, give energy, since it is a color of action and represents Mars, iron, blood, life, creativity, optimism and vigor. To achieve everything that has to do with this and also to strengthen the body, the will, the immune system, resistance, etc.


They project and emit energy, strengthen the auric field, balance emotions (putting them at the height of the navel), provide balance and security.


Roses are receptive, sedative, relaxing, relieve tension. Perfect for those exam days!

Violets - Purples!

They serve for everything. They are excellent instruments of transmutation, cleaning and renewal. They cleanse negative, dense energies and raise the spiritual frequency. They develop the humanitarian sense. They are stimulants against apathy and depression. They clean the chaotic energies around someone with imbalances, addictions and physical pain. They induce sleep.


They represent nature. It is fertility, the seed that the earth gives us. If we need a "breath of fresh air" having a green stone will attract it.

Do you also want to fill yourself with good energy and also add that cool touch to your outfits? Then take a look at the quartz necklaces and rings that Now brings to you.


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