The only thing to keep in mind is a basic rule: know your proportions and dress in such a way that instead of hiding what we don't like, we enhance our qualities because we all have them. In order not to take risks, spend a few minutes on this complete guide and never fail with your style again.

- Triangular or pear-shaped figure:

Characteristics: Shoulders narrower than hips. They are usually women with a defined waist, with little bust and legs that tend to store fat in the dreaded cartridge belts.
Dresses with a V-neckline or any that highlight the upper part of the body, as well as straight cut.
Designs that give more volume to the hips, such as pleats or tulle.

Round or apple-shaped figure Round or apple-shaped figure

  • Round or apple-shaped figure:

Characteristics: Without waist and with a lot of volume in the abdomen area. They tend to have thinner legs, although sometimes it is just an optical effect. The shoulders are also round.
Empire cut dresses.
The tight or tube with many details in the middle and that narrow in the lower part.

Rectangular figure:

Characteristics: Shoulders, waist and hips draw a straight line, although it is a proportionate body it is not always completely feminine because it does not draw any shape.
Success: Tight dresses at the top and with a lot of volume from the waist, for example those of the lady type.
Error: Straight or tube dress.

Hourglass figure:

Characteristics: The chest is in perfect harmony with the hips and the waist is very defined. It is the body most desired by women because it has curves and is very feminine.
Designs that draw the waist and that adapt to it.
Detached and straight-cut dresses, for example tunic-type dresses.

Inverted triangle figure:

Characteristics: Shoulders wider than the hips with slender legs, usually, and volume in the chest area.
A-line dresses, that is, with greater volume and looser from the neckline.
Error: Those that are very tight in the lower area or with shoulder pads.

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